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I Raped My Sedated Mother


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EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788829594948
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Mom looked so helpless and innocent laying there naked on her bed. After the accident, she’d been put on knock-out drugs, but she wasn’t fully out of it. She watched, glassy-eyed, as I pounded my cock deep in her motherly cunt and rammed her full of my potent, incestuous seed.


This was like taking candy from a baby. Mom had been involved in a car accident and while she wasn't seriously injured, the doctors put her on some medication that pretty much knocked her out. She was still awake and conscious, but she had to rely on me for everything.

As a good son, I drove her home and tucked her in, making sure she was all right.

But sometime in the middle of the night, I was passing by her room and peeked in on her. My cock jumped when I saw that mom had somehow kicked off the covers and was laying completely naked on her bed.

I'd never thought of my mom sexually before, so it was surprising to me how hard my cock bucked. Pre-cum started leaking in my shorts and adrenaline rushed through me.

"Mom?" I crept in her room. "Mom, are you okay?" I asked, but all she could do was look at me with her glassy-eyed, drugged-up stare. Her mature, luscious body was on full display and I was having extremely naughty thoughts about what I wanted to do with her right then.

But she was my mother! And completely helpless!

God knows why I did it. I quickly stepped out of my shorts and dropped my drawers. My huge cock sprung out of its confines as mom just stared at it uncomprehendingly.

My eyes lustfully ravaged my mother's gorgeous body. She was tall, with big knockers, strong, slender arms and legs and a very motherly, sexy face. She had it all. I think she was about 45, but she'd somehow kept her youthful looks.

She was laying on her back and her large bosom jutted up proudly, with only a bit of tit-flesh falling to the side. Like I said, she still had her youthful figure.

As drugged up as she was, there was no way in hell she'd remember any of this in the morning.

I reached out my shaky hand and felt her soft, sensuous, motherly breasts, kneading them and brushing my finger against her nipple. My cock bounced excitedly as mom made no move or indication that she was even aware of what was going on.
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