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Daddy Forced A Baby In My Fertile Womb


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EDITORE Amber FoxxFire
EAN 9788829598977
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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I just wanted a taste of that impossibly long, thick cock. I’d seen daddy in the shower and I knew I had to have him. I needed him. I snuck into his room when he was sleeping and snuggled up next to him. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was doing illicit, forbidden things to daddy’s cock.

Then he caught me!


Tossing and turning in bed, I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been too turned-on; too racked with guilt at the unnatural attraction burning in my core.

It’s been hours since I walked in on daddy in the shower, but trying to forget what I saw has been keeping me awake. Not even my favorite vibrator, which has given me multiple orgasms since reaching sexual maturity, could satisfy my need for another look.

The shape of daddy’s cock was perfect: Long and fat, with thick veins coiled around a taut shaft, and big suckable balls.

As my mind sank further into the gutter with each passing second and my clit pulsed with the need to be touched by anyone but me, I jumped out of bed and left my room.

It was the middle of the night and daddy was fast asleep. Although I knew I shouldn’t, I crept into his bedroom. I tried to tell myself that a repeat viewing was all I needed to quell my horny curiosity and finally send me to sleep.

His room was dark, a night curtain shutting out all light from the street. Using his bed frame, I began to carefully navigate my way towards him. Predictably, he’s was snoring—dead to the world. He’d always been a heavy sleeper. That’s how I’ve managed to sneak boys back after boozy nights out with friends.

With my heart thundering inside my chest, and my pussy getting wetter by the second, the sleep that daddy finds so hard to wake from was about to come in very handy for me.

I soon found my way to him. I could just about make out his handsome features as my eyes got used to the dim light of the room.

I pulled the duvet back and snuck into bed with him. All I had on was a pair of pink cotton panties, so I snuggled against his back and felt my naked, eighteen-year old tits squash into the firm muscles of his back. He felt so warm, and the scent of the shower gel he used, which was still fresh on his skin, smelt divine.
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