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A Flesh-and-Blood Goddess


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€ 9,49
EDITORE Gruppo Albatros Il Filo
EAN 9788830602793
CATEGORIA Letteratura
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A chance encounter, two glances that meet. A flicker, the spark that ignites an uncontrollable passion. Two perfect strangers wind up in a hotel room; it takes no time at all to go from contemplating art in the Prado to contemplating each other’s bodies between the sheets, and it’s inevitable that the reader is left astonished at the speed and spontaneity with which everything happens. Everything ... and more; a man and a woman freely give vent to their most forbidden fantasies inside that anonymous room, a secret space suspended in time, a microcosm of unspeakable passion, cut off from the rest of the world, nameless, ageless and limitless. Released at long last from the role imposed on them by society, freed from the conventions that hinder every step they take along the paths of life, they abandon themselves to an uncontrollable erotic game whose intensity increases page by page. A transgressive, irreverent game where the complicit lovers’ exchange roles in a succession of fantasies and extraordinary feelings that have nothing in common with habits, composure and everyday existence. A process of liberation where the bewitching female serves as a muse to quench thirst and where the actors’ intertwining of bodies and minds offers the reader a magical vision; a book whose blunt honesty may be a cause of outrage, but which cannot fail to arouse strong emotions. 
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