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A Nation On The Brink


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Ndi Igbo! This book is not about me! It is about us: whether we remain in Nigeria or breakout of the Nigerian project, one thing is certain; Ala-Igbo is in disarray and in serious need of our attention as a people; and this is because we have ignored our homeland for too long in pursuit of green pastures where we think the grass is greener than it is at home. We have built business empires everywhere in the colonial enclave of Nigeria; but have neglected our homeland; we turn forests into modern cities everywhere, but allow alaigbo to become derelict, which has made the wise word of our fathers “aku ruo ulo” a sad joke. Our leadership at home has continued to fail, because our leaders left the homeland in search of contracts in Abuja and to pursue their businesses in Lagos while our homeland is in crisis and no one seems to care how our culture, values and traditions are fading away. If you pay attention, you will notice that the Igbo Nation is truly on the brink. Our economy at home is in a state of Total Meltdown, and our nation is heading towards total collapse.
So Ndi Igbo must have a rethink, pull back and rebuild their own nation like the other groups have done; learn how to live in a complex country like Nigeria and yet do well as a people; yes we will not abandon our collective interest and responsibilities in the Nigerian project while we are still part of the colonial archive, but we cannot ignore the fact that Igbo land is our home and we must build it, cherish it, love it and believe in its future. This book is to remind us that it doesn’t matter where we go and what we achieve outside, we must make our homeland look like home again, because our dignity as a people depends on it and our success as a nation can only be guaranteed if we create an economy in the homeland that will work for Ndi Igbo; whether we remain part of Nigeria or not.
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