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Selling Latin America / A Problem in International Salesmanship. What to Sell and How to Sell It - Librerie.coop

Selling Latin America / A Problem in International Salesmanship. What to Sell and How to Sell It


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Dr. Aughinbaugh talks about the markets of foreign countries with the authority of long experience for he has been engaged in these special fields for more than twenty years; yet he is still a young man with a modern viewpoint. He speaks the languages of many countries and speaks them well. His information is first-hand, reliable data gathered on the ground where he lived and worked, whose people he knew and could speak to in their own tongue, not the unreliable, superficial vaporings of some dilettante globe-trotter who has given the high-spots of civilization the “once over” and therefore considers himself a competent authority to write upon the commerce, customs and manners of foreign countries the very languages of which he does not understand without the aid of an interpreter, or who could not find his way back to the railway station or dock without the assistance of a guide.

Doctor Aughinbaugh is no such lightweight. He has not written this book because he believes he knows it all. Left to himself he would never have written it. It was only after repeated urgings on the part of some of his friends who appreciated his ability to write an unusual book, that he consented to undertake the work, and then he did so under protest.

A careful reading of this book—not a difficult matter, for unlike most works on commerce it is full of lively interest—will be profitable to every business man interested in the subject of Latin America. It will be valuable to those who are equipped or willing to prepare themselves to cope with conditions as they really are, and just as valuable to those who are not, for it may save them from the costly mistakes of experimentation in foreign fields.

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