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Coloring Books for Kids and for Adults - Koalas


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EDITORE Remis Family
EAN 9788834187906
CATEGORIA Saggi per ragazzi
Corpo, mente e spirito
Pedagogia e discipline educative
Self-help, salute e benessere
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Coloring books are today recognized as an important tool, and for much more than just plain fun.

In fact, coloring books for kids, teens, and adults are considered to have many benefits:

- Coloring books for kids can help their development in many aspects, not only on a physical level (helping them to have a better handwriting, improve the motor skills and eye coordination or color awareness, for example) but also on a mental level (namely stimulating creativity, focus, confidence, self-expression, self-esteem and stress relief).

- Coloring books for adults are considered an easy and powerful tool to reduce the major danger of modern of life:stress. 
Stress reduction, as well increase in creativity and focus, are suggested in several reports as main effects on adults of using coloring books to achieve a state of tranquility and mental relaxation. Sometimes that activity can even have an effect similar to meditation practices in adult stress relieving.

This eBook will help you achieve these goals and includes a group of drawings that will allow you to enjoy relaxed and peaceful time.

In this coloring book you get:
- a PDF print ready for you to print at home as many times as you want
- 25 pages with beautiful drawings of beautiful Koalas
- 50 drawings of Koalas to color

The many drawings included are based on real images to help you focus entirely on this activity and maximize all the benefits it can bring you.

On this eBook you will find:
- a first chapter with a preview of some of the many drawings included on the book
- a final chapter with the link to download the complete eBook in a PDF version that you can use to easily print the drawings at home and color the pages whenever you like.

Get this Koalas coloring book right now - color it and relax!
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