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The Spoilers


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€ 1,49
EDITORE Diamond Book Publishing
EAN 9788835303398
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Letteratura per ragazzi
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The scene of this story is laid in the Klondike while the gold fever is at its height. The central figure in the narrative is Roy Glenister a man of powerful nature, whose theory of life is that force can accomplish anything. He and his partner Bill Dextry are returning to Klondike after an enforced absence and as their ship is about to sail their attention is drawn to a beautiful young girl who is endeavoring to evade the quarantine officers and board their steamer. Glenister exerts himself in her behalf and succeeds in rescuing her from her pursuers. Her name is Helen Chester and her rescuer falls in love with her on the voyage and endeavors to force her to reciprocate his affection. Instead, however, he wins her scorn by kissing her against her will and she vows she will never forgive him. Upon reaching Klondike Glenister finds that there is litigation over his claim, which contains a valuable gold mine, and he must fight to keep it in his possession. His principal enemy is a political boss named McNamera who does everything in his power to ruin him. Glenister’s love for Helen proves a deep influence in his life and softens and refines his nature, though she remains obdurate to his suit. McNamera, who is also a rival in love, succeeds in getting Helen to look favorably upon his proposal. Helen has brought with her to Klondike papers, the contents of which she is ignorant of, but which prove to be the instrument by which Glenister’s claim is to be proved invalid. They are held by an unscrupulous lawyer who bargains to reveal the contents to Helen in return for her love. She accedes to his proposition but is rescued from his clutches by a notorious gambler called Brancho Kid, who proves to be her wayward brother whom she has not seen for years. Glenister conquers McNamera in a fierce weaponless duel and the latter is proved to be a scoundrel. Helen gives Glenister the papers but he refuses to make use of them as by so doing he would ruin her uncle Judge Stillman, who is criminally involved with McNamera. This generous action which culminates a series of sacrifices made by Glenister for Helen causes her to appreciate his true character and she confesses her love to him. The Spoilers is one of the best selling novels of 1906.
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