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The Billionaire’s Bride


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€ 3,99
EDITORE Nikki Chase
EAN 9788835340553
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa Rosa
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He was my first kiss. And my first heartbreak. 
Now, he wants to put a ring on my finger and a baby in my belly.

Of course I know what my ex has been up to. He’s the name on everyone’s lips. A modern rags-to-riches success story, he built a billion-dollar business empire from nothing. The magazines say he’s the most eligible bachelor in the city. 

But to me, he’ll always be the bad boy who used to sneak into my bedroom when my parents were away. He reminds me of late nights and new, sinful sensations. I hate to admit it, but those memories still ignite a red, hot flame in my center. 

Time and distance tore our young love apart, but now he’s back. And he needs me...to be his wife. 

Yes, he wants me to marry him. But it’s only for the sake of his business. In exchange, he’ll give me five million dollars. He’ll double it if I’ll also have his baby.

This is going to sound crazy, but...I accept his offer. I’ll marry him and play house with him. 

He still has the same cocky smile, and the same sexy stare. And every time he opens his dirty mouth, I’m whisked back to the hot, sweaty nights of our youth… Let’s just say baby-making will be a cinch.

But I am not giving him a second chance. This marriage is not about that. This is just pretend.

I’ve never been good at saying no to this bad boy. But no matter what, I will not let my heart go all the way. Not again. Never.
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