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The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit


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"The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit", often just called "Martin Chuzzlewi", was a novel by Charles Dickens, published immediately after "The Old Curiosity Shop" in 1844. Dickens thought it was “in a hundred points, immeasurably the best” of his stories.

"The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit" is a picaresque novel, which follows the genre convention of depicting the humorous adventures of a roguish hero of low social class who lives by his wits and corrupts society. As in most picaresque novels, the primary objective is social satire or criticism.
Selfishness is the idea that Charles Dickens explores in this novel. Martin is elderly and rich, and everyone knows this. Through the story, we see just how far people will go to make money, and just how quickly everything can come crashing down for those who exist only to con others out of their cash.

Young Martin Chuzzlewit becomes estranged from his wealthy self centred grandfather when he vows his love for the grandfather's ward, Mary, without asking for the grandfather's consent.
Since Martin has no money of his own, he is forced to go out in the world to seek a living. He decides to go to America to seek his fortune, accompanied by his friend and servant, Mark Tapley.
While he is gone, another relative, the evil Mr. Pecksniff seems to gain some influence over the grandfather. He also begins to make love to Mary and tries to persuade her to marry him. While in America, Martin buys some swampland and becomes very sick. As a result of his close call with death, he vows to become a better person. He and Mark return to England, where he hopes to reconcile with his grandfather.
At first he is unsuccessful, but when the grandfather has made certain that young Martin is a changed man, he reveals that he had not really been under Pecksniff's influence, that he had known Pecksniff's evil character from the start, and that he had only wished to test how far he would go. The grandfather and Martin are reconciled, and Martin's marriage to Mary is approved.
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