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Pharaoh’s Curse No.1 - Librerie.coop

Pharaoh’s Curse No.1


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€ 3,99
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9788835346319
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Andrew McCain hasn't seen his mother in eight long years. Now that his father is going on his honeymoon with his new wife. Andrew is being shipped off to the one person that nearly destroyed their lives. Yet something lurks beneath the sands of Egypt waiting for the return of the Pharaoh. What is Andrew to do when he's faced with the mysteries that lie buried beneath the sand?

“Sorry, to have kept you waiting,” Alex moaned as her son’s hands rubbed her ass. She had no idea how he learned about that little turn on of hers, not that she was going to stop him either. Their lips embraced as her hands skimmed up his back as the morning sun’s rays filtered through her bedroom window. Bathing their bodies as she gave into the lust that had been burning in her chest at the first taste of her son’s cock. Her hand reached down, moaning into Andrew’s mouth as her fingers wrapped around his heated rod. A devilish smile appeared on her lips; her eyes flared in her hunger as she pushed Andrew down onto the bed. “Look at it baby,” Alex purred as she knelt over her son’s head. Filling his view with her shaven cunt. “It’s been waiting for so long to feel your tongue on it, won’t you…” Her gasp vibrated the air as her son wrapped his lips around her mound. “Mmmhmm,” she loudly moaned, her hands moved along her stomach and up her chest. Fondling her breasts as his tongue gently parted her labia. Her eyes fluttered; her body trembled at the first touch of a man enjoying her womanhood after so long. Her hands danced down Andrew’s chest as she leaned forward. Her thumb and index finger encircled the base of his cock before her others joined their brethren as she posed his broad head at her lips.

Feeling his body quivering as her hot breath flowed over his head. Her hips softly rocked on her son’s tongue as her own swirled around his crown. Her head rocked as she swallowed her son’s root. She couldn’t understand why she swore off men. Then again, if she hadn’t she doubted she would be sucking off her son, and about to have his huge cock stuffing her to her limits.

“That’s it Andrew, lick your mother’s pussy,” Alex panted once she came up for air. “God, Andrew… your mouth feels so good,” she moaned as she hung her head, her hand worked his cock as her mouth was unfunctional, her hand could still bring pleasure to her son. “Yes Andrew… I’m going to cum!” Alex moaned as she felt her nectar flooding her son’s mouth. Biting her lip, closing her eyes as she rubbed her quivering mound against her son’s lips.

“Look at it baby,” she cooed as she rocked her wet labia along his shaft as she knelt poised over him. “Doesn’t it look so fucking good rubbing your mother’s horny pussy?” Alex asked, her words trembled as her clit rubbed along his cock.

“Mmmhmm,” Andrew nodded.

“Good,” Alex tutted as she rose slightly. Sucking on her lower lip as she ran the head of his rod through her hungry lips before sucking in a breath as it pressed against her paradise. “God! It’s so… big!” she howled as his girth began to spread her out.
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