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Bred by Older Black Guys


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EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9788835347378
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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It all started out so innocently: A nice summer distraction for Jana with the much older black guy who worked at her dad’s restaurant. Jana never knew that one big black cock would lead to several more in a small bedroom in a neighboring state with a nice load at the end.

One morning while preparing for lunch, I bumped into Rabiah in the big walk-in fridge. I was minding my business picking up the large box of carrots when I was startled out of my task by a whistle underneath his breath.

I fought my urge to scream at the surprise, but dropped the box just the same afraid to pick it up since he had a good view of my rear if I had. My need for him hadn’t changed. It’d only increase after watching him fuck Maryann. Still, I didn’t see the fridge being the place to sate the lust burning in his eyes.

“I would say I didn’t mean to scare you, but watching those big titties bounce over those carrots like that was worth the show. Say, baby girl, what’re you going to do with all these carrots?” He chuckled, picking up the box I dropped on the floor and handing it over to me.

“I don’t know. They’re too big and woody to serve as a side dish. They have to be a compliment to a main meal, don’t you think? Like a stew or a soup?”

“It’s too hot for that, baby girl.” He raised his eyebrows to shoot me a devilish grin. Picking up the biggest carrot out the box, he added, “Though, something big and hardy like this needs to reach deep into your guts and leave a satisfying flavor once your done. Something that is sure to have the crowd coming back and back again for!”

I reached for the carrot in his hand. He held it firm, as we grasped the carrot as I finally caught wind of the insinuations after feeling iced out for so long. He magnificently twisted the meaty carrot in my palm, thrusting the feel of shameful dirtiness upon me as I was giving the orange root this handjob.

“It does have a nice shape.” I toyed. “It’s so fucking long and thick and stiff. It needs to be memorable.”

“That it does.” He said, pushing the carrot into my face with the nub running across my lips. “Girls like you always need something to satisfy your craving, but this little carrot isn’t going to do the trick next to the real thing.”

I grinned, taking the end of the carrot into my mouth and with a quick lick bit off the tip. “But I can’t do that with the real thing either,” I chewed.

Rabiah brushed passed me with his bulge clearly present behind his djellaba.
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