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Keto Multicooker Dinners: Best Ketogenic Dinner Recipes To Lose Weight And Live Healthy - Librerie.coop

Keto Multicooker Dinners: Best Ketogenic Dinner Recipes To Lose Weight And Live Healthy


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EDITORE Lovert Press
EAN 9788835386919
CATEGORIA Diete e Alimentazione
Self-help, salute e benessere
Cucina e nutrizione
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The Ketogenic Is A Nutritious Diet That Will Keep You Healthier And Enable You To Live Longer. And What Better Way To Prepare Great Ketogenic Dinners Than In A Multi-Cooker That Delivers Excellence In Pressure Cooking And Air Frying! 

The Foodie multi cooker is to be treasured. Its multiple cooking modes enable you to bake, grill, steam, sauté, slow cook and air fry your food. It is a versatile kitchen appliance that fulfils the need for versatility and efficiency. Any home cook who desire a tasty outcome of pressure cooking and air frying in one pot need to have it! Pressure cook a roast and steam your veggies; melt and brown your cheese, pressure cook your chicken for juiciness and use the  crisping setting to give it that perfect crispy skin.

This book is a rich compilation of delicious ketogenic dinners prepared in your revolutionary multi-cooker.  You can agreed with me that having dinner with friends and family warms your heart. Healthy and wholesome dinner promote better metabolic functions and fuels your body while you sleep. Therefore, in this cookbook, are dinner recipes for chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables, pasta, soups and stews. Get ready to enjoy a mouthwatering chicken piccata pasta, lemon rotisserie chicken, Mississippi pot roast, crunchy pork tenderloin, Brazilian fish stew, chicken and vegetable noodle soup, Keto Indian kheema and more!
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