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SIX GIANTS AND A GRIFFIN - six charming and whimsical stories for children


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€ 1,49
EDITORE Abela Publishing
EAN 9788835390268
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Letteratura per ragazzi
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This delightful collection of fairy tales contains six fanciful and whimsical stories for young ones to enjoy. They are:

Six Giants and a Griffin,
Gertrude's Visit to the Moon
Jane and the Bears
Sapphira and the Flying Pig
The Christmas Trees, and;
Mother Goose's Party.

It is charmingly illustrated with 6 glossy black and white plates, one of them colourised. This fantastical collection is a great addition to the fairy tale book collector's library. 90 pages

10% of the profit from the sale of this story will be donated to charities.
Yesterday’s Books for Today’s Charities.
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