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TIIVISTELMA - Viking and Norse Myth & Legend


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EDITORE Abela Publishing
EAN 9788835836919
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Narrativa Rosa
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This book contains 33 Viking and Norse stories, sagas, poems, lays and prayers compiled from a variety of sources. It was always intended to be a compact volume of Viking and Norse Myths, Legends, Tales, Sagas and Poetry for the modern day Skald (storyteller) to use.
The Table of Contents contains:
  • The All-Father’s Foreboding
  • Asgårdsreien
  • Baldur’s Dream
  • The Building Of The Wall
  • Darradarljod
  • The Dwarves
  • Fate
  • Fenrir
  • How Freya Gained Her Necklace
  • Hail Day – A Prayer
  • The Halls Of Odin
  • The Last Goths
  • The Lay Of Guthorm’s Army At Ethandun
  • The Lay Of Rogann
  • A Prayer
  • Ragnar Lodrok’s Death-Song
  • Sif’s Golden Hair
  • Sigidrifa’s Prayer
  • Svadi The Giant
  • The Sword Of The Tomb
  • The Tale Of Cat Bayun
  • Thor’s Hammer – Lost And Found
  • Thrym’s Lay
  • Vellekla
  • The Vision
  • The Waking Of Angantyr
  • Twas The Night Before Christmas
  • How It All Fits Together
  • The Nine Worlds
  •  Supernatural Beings
As such, I invite Storytellers to take their listeners on a journey back to a time when the boundaries between myth, legend and reality were as fluid and as permanent as waves washing on a sandy shore.
Listeners and readers, to really benefit, you are encouraged to engross yourself in the stories and let your imagination run wild. Close your eyes, think of Odin, Thor and Tolkien and let your mind walk through the Hallowed Halls of Valhalla. Let yourself be amazed and overawed at the magnificence
and splendour of a time long passed.
10% of the profit from this book is donated to charities.
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