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Law of Attraction


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CATEGORIA Psicologia
Self-help, salute e benessere
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This book consists of 2 books, which are:

Book 1: Are you stuck in life? Do you want to attract more wealth and success? Do you dream about having or being more?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this book may be a good way to start getting back on track in the right direction. We will address topics that relate to money, debt, and attraction of the things you want in life.

What do millionaires do right that others do not?

That’s another question we will dive into. One of the things they do right, is optimism. This trait can greatly enhance your success, and here, we will explain why it helps in achieving your goals and making your dreams a reality.

Book 2: Many people want more money. It’s a given. It’s simple. But what they don’t understand, is that some qualities need to be developed in order to receive more from the universe.

One of those is stress management. We live in a hectic world with ever-pressing expectations and an increasing number of confusing directions to go into. What you need to do, is to manage your time, your cortisol levels, and your emotional intelligence in a way that you can stay calm while doing “your thing.”

Another is self-control. Most people have times when they lack that self-control. The human body and the brain aren’t easy to master. They have tendencies that lean towards giving into temptation. But those temptations often stand in the way of our long-term goals by switching out lasting happiness and fulfilment for instant gratification. This needs to change, and in this book, at least one full chapter is strictly devoted to that topic.
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