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All In The Family


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EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9788835844617
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Megan's boyfriend broke up with her. So it was on Nancy, her kid sister, to console her. And of course, the right way to console a forlorn sister is to go gentle on her sweet pussy! And it was no surprise when Joyce, their mother, caught them in the act! What followed was a merry-go-round of hot, lesbian, incestuous fun!

Nancy started caressing Megan’s vulva, kissing her hair all the time. Then she removed her hair from her ear, and started licking it with the tip of her tongue. Her fingers pressed between her sister’s pussy lips. She caressed them, soft panties rubbing against sensitive flesh. More hot kisses across Megan’s cheek. Hand gently kneading the breast.
“What are you doing?” Megan was startled. But she did not move. She did not try to remove Nancy’s naughty, prying hand from the inside of her trousers.

“I want to make love to you,” Nancy whispered into her sister’s ear. “I want to give you an orgasm.”

“But you are my sister!” Megan protested. Still, she did not try to pull herself out of her kid sister’s embrace. Nancy’s fingers were petting her labia, crawling bit by bit towards the core of her sensuality. First stirrings of pleasure woke in her cunt. Her vagina was getting moist. Her white cotton panties were soaking the liquid, spread by Nancy’s artful fingers. Where did her kid sister learn how to please a woman? Megan wondered. Obviously, while she was dreaming about a marriage with the man who ultimately betrayed her for another woman, her sister was having fun! “We shouldn’t be doing this! They’ll put us in jail!”

“Are you going to talk? Because, I’m not!” Nancy continued caressing Megan’s pussy. But now she was bolder, almost aggressive. Her middle finger brushed across Megan’s already erect clitty, and her older sister sighed through clenched teeth, her eyes shut in an expression of bliss.

“I dreamt about you, Megan,” Nancy whispered. “I masturbated my wits out, imagining you and Toby together. Fucking. Him licking your pussy. You sucking his dick. And I wanted to join you-”

“You slut!” Megan tried to sound angry. But she failed utterly, her clitoris surrendering to Nancy’s assaults.

“I wanted to fuck him, I admit. Forgive me for that, sister! But, I also wanted you!”

“Me?” Megan sighed.

“Yes, you, sis. I wanted to kiss you, and fondle your big breasts, and lick your cunt!”

“This is not right!”

“I don’t care, Megan! I want you! I want to have incestuous Lesbian sex with you! Now! I want to give you orgasms. And I want you to give me orgasms.”

“But, we shouldn’t-”

“Yes, we should! Because we love each other! Because we are sisters! And because we should help each other when we feel bad. Nobody will ever understand us and love us the way we do each other!”

Megan rolled on her back. She was studying her sister. Nancy’s hand was still in her trousers, playing magic with her cunt. Megan moaned as she started rubbing her clitty in circular motions of her fingers. Damn it, her kid sister really knew her lesbo stuff!
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