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Demonspawn (Galaxii, #2) - Librerie.coop

Demonspawn (Galaxii, #2)


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€ 2,99
EDITORE Christina Engela
EAN 9788835851509
CATEGORIA Fantascienza
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The I.S.S. Mordrake is in serious trouble after a skirmish with a Corsair marauder, she is stranded in deep space far from regular shipping routes and death appears certain.

but in space, not all things are certain, not even death.

Adrift and stranded in deep space with no hope of rescue, the I.S.S. Mordrake has six months worth of food left, but just less than two weeks of air and things are looking pretty grim. And, as if theres not enough on their plate already, something dark and mysterious drifts into their path an ancient derelict ship littered with the dusty remains of its long-dead crew! The derelict presents an all-too convenient and timely solution to their problem, offering the desperate castaways the spare parts they badly need to repair their ship... but nothing's ever really that easy, is it? There's no such thing as a free lunch out here, in the cold empty wastes of deep space.

Resentment, bitterness and malaise having taken hold of the survivors, this sudden reprieve brings new challenges - in order for the crew of the Mordrake to survive, they have to work together even though the faceless, cold-blooded killer who murdered the Mordrakes Captain still walks freely among them! Despite a further run of mysterious accidental deaths, they must find a way to retrieve the parts they need to repair their own vessel no matter what it was on the derelict ship that seemed to want to keep them for itself!

"This story reminded me of films such as Alien and Event Horizon but Demonspawn could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with them. There were many concepts of the sci-fi genre in this book that were original and put together in a way not seen before anywhere else (this was especially so for the Akx.) Its an enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more. 5 Stars." by Lee Hall, UK-based writer, playwright and reviewer.

"Engela proves she is the newest, best voice in sci-fi with this second volume in her Galaxii series set in the furthest reaches of deep space." – Mark Woods, author of "Time of Tides" and "Fear of the Dark".

"This Sci-fi thriller brings everything to the table, murder, suspense, action, love. A real page turner by Christina Engela." – Zenja Collins, Zen Entertainment

Also available in paperback and soon to be released as an audiobook narrated by Nigel Peever.

Read more: http://christinaengela.com/bibliography/novels/the-galaxii-series/demonspawn/
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