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COCO BOLO King of the Floating Islands


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€ 2,49
EDITORE Abela Publishing
EAN 9788835888727
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Letteratura per ragazzi
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Coco Bolo, King of the Floating Islands is a fun book to own and read to the younger members of your family. King Coco Bolo is the much put upon monarch of the floating islands. 

The story is set in Southern California, little Margaret, her sister Frances and Periwinkle, a yellow plush puppy are invited to a garden party given by His Majesty Coco Bolo in honor of His Grace, the Archbishop of Timbuctoo-and-a-half.  His wooden subjects are the source of endless puns.  There's a Snap-Dragon, log-books and a town crier who, yes, literally cries.  Like so many of these tales, the little girls awake from their adventure and hurry home to share their story.

This is a lively story that keeps moving.  The characters are a pleasant and it is a departure from the usual fantasy tales of the time.
But what exactly happens in the story? Well, you’ll have to download this ebook to find out!

10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.
Sidford Hamp was an Englishman who visited Yellowstone National Park on a geological survey and later moved to Colorado for his health.  He's remembered for his outdoor stories, but he also wrote librettos, plays, diaries and books.  The illustrations are signed Otto Hopp, though he's not credited on the title page.  I'm not familiar with his work.  So far my research has been unenlightening.
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