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How to Overcome Emotional Negativity A 10 day Guide to Knockout Negative Feelings - Librerie.coop

How to Overcome Emotional Negativity A 10 day Guide to Knockout Negative Feelings


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EDITORE Daniel Elisha
EAN 9789132438196
CATEGORIA Pedagogia e discipline educative
Self-help, salute e benessere
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We have so many ways to fix negative feelings, to minimize their impact, that we have the strong impression we no longer need to feel them. There's taking a pill, drug or other mind-altering substance; calling a friend; seeing a movie; having sex; and so forth and so on. We seldom if ever notice our great loss in employing these strategies to stunt or stupefy negative emotional experience.
What's lost is learning new unexpected things about ourself - and thus about life. Negative emotional experience just happens to be the only place we'll find new information trying to access our life, offering us the chance to see some part of ourselves differently, thus capable of changing us.
Positive feeling experience is wonderful. It's no surprise or sin that we want to spend as much time inside it as possible. Nothing else makes more sense. But that doesn't mean to kill the baby with the bathwater. We all want to ease distress and unhappiness as efficiently as possible. But positive emotional energy doesn't offer anything new; that's what's so good about it - no hassles. Learning always disturbs. That's what makes it such a good carrier of new information.
The question is whether, in being happy, we avoid taking even a moment to pluck just one valuable piece of new information out of our unhappiness before abandoning it? That's all it takes to learn, to build upon that one piece.
This book would help bring a permanent solution to all your emotional negativity issues and help you balance your emotions.
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