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€ 4,49
EDITORE Kate Rudolph
EAN 9791220250634
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa Rosa
Horror e Gotica
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<br /><i>Welcome to Earth. Try not to die.</i><br /><br />When his brethren begin to discover human mates, Krayter knows his best chance at surviving the Denya Price is to journey to Earth and find the woman he&rsquo;s been waiting for. Otherwise, he&rsquo;ll waste away and die by the age of thirty like most other Detyens. But when his speeder crashes in a hostile human settlement, a mate is the last thing on his mind. Until he sees his salvation.<br /><i>Abandoned. Neglected. In trouble. </i><br />Penny will do anything to protect her two sisters, even if it means remaining in Highland Settlement, the anti-alien town that her father rules with an iron fist. But when an alien crash lands near her house, she knows that she can&rsquo;t let her father&rsquo;s men find him. Something about the intriguing blue man calls to her and she will not let him die.<br /><i>A journey into something more. </i><br />The pull of the alien stranger is so strong that Penny has only one choice: kiss him or go mad. Krayter will do anything to earn his mate&rsquo;s trust and her love. And Penny&rsquo;s heart threatens to melt every time the sexy blue alien sends her one of those scorching looks from his heated red eyes. But her father will stop at nothing to get his daughters back and Penny must face an impossible question.<br />How can she keep her sisters safe and keep Krayter for herself? And if she can&rsquo;t have both, how will she survive the sacrifice?<br /><b>Read <i>Krayter</i> today for fated mates, a heart-melting hero, and adventures that are out of this world! </b><br /><b><i>Krayter</i> is the fifth book in the Mated to the Alien series about a race of aliens doomed to die if they don&rsquo;t meet their fated mates. The series can be read in any order and there are no cliffhangers!</b><br />&nbsp;
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