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Fawn's Feline Sin


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€ 3,49
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9791220253154
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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Fawn lay down on her bed, with her furry friend sitting on her tummy, and slowly unscrewed the cap on the jar. Seth loved tuna, and always tried to get some whenever she opened a can. With a little prayer that he wouldn’t try to eat anything she really needed, she trickled just a couple drops of the liquid onto her already hardening nipples. Seth leaned forward and darted out his tongue, lapping at the oily fluid shining on her breasts. “Oh God! Seth, slow down!”

Fawn very carefully closed and locked her bedroom door. The thought of discovery was making her very nervous.

‘Don’t be silly!’ she scolded herself. ‘Nobody is even home right now!’

Fawn had made a discovery of her own about a month ago. While surfing the net, she had come across a picture of a woman giving a blowjob to a large dog! At first this repulsed her, but the next day, she had gone back to the site! Now, her hard drive was packed with all manner of bestiality pictures. ‘Thank god mom has her own computer!’ she whispered as she started her machine.

She went into her secret file, the one she named, “Sailor Moon” just in case somebody did see her hard drive. She brought up her newest picture, the one she just couldn’t get out of her head. Once more, just looking at it started her getting wet. Most of her pictures were of women with dogs. A few were with horses, but this was the only one she had ever seen, that had a cat licking a woman’s pussy!

Fawn shut off the computer, and sat down to think. With shaking fingers, she took a small glass jar out of the pocket of her bathrobe. Fawn had just made some tuna salad to bring to work for her lunch break. This time, instead of draining the water down the sink, she saved it, capping it tightly, in a small mustard jar she saved just for this purpose.

Fawn looked at the large orange and white tabby cat sitting on her bed. “Mommy has a treat for you today, Seth!” Fawn’s mother often called herself mom, with respect to Seth, and Fawn had picked up the habit. She shook the jar, and smiled. “You’re gonna love this!”
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