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Annabel And Mr. Nash No.3


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€ 3,99
EDITORE Lot's Cave, Inc.
EAN 9791220815017
CATEGORIA Narrativa erotica
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The beautiful young heiress, Annabel of Pemberton Hall, is pulled deeper into her nightmare world of humiliation and depravity as she desperately tries to stay focused upon her future inheritance. This book is the third and final part in the series chronicling Annabel’s reluctant relationship with Mr. Nash—as well as a host of other unsavory characters!

Oh, no!
With a squeal of horror, Annabel felt the waistband go. The split-second relief from her physical discomfort was immediately obliterated by the shocking awareness that her bare crotch was now fully exposed to the entire room! Her instinctive reaction was to put her hand back up behind her, but no sooner had she lifted her palm off the tiles than she heard Veronica snap, “You disgusting tramp! What do you think you are doing?”
Unsure whether her cruel mistress was referring to her now-aborted attempt to cover herself, or to the fact that she was now totally naked from the waist down, Annabel stayed perfectly still and screwed her eyes tight shut. As with so many of these sick games over the past months, she again found herself in a no-win situation. She was still totally bewildered by what had been going on around her nether regions—how could a pair of panties shrink so fast?—but that question was irrelevant to her current dilemma. The simple reality was that nobody had ripped them off her, they had simply come apart, and she just knew that the sadistic housekeeper now hovering behind her was going to hold Annabel fully responsible for it!
The implications were all too familiar. Upon first laying eyes on Annabel a few hours earlier, Veronica had called her a wanton little hussy which at the time had been unjustified considering they had never even met. Now it was all fitting together—as if Annabel hadn’t already had an inkling of what was to come. Not only was she the lowliest member of this bizarre household, but she was to be portrayed as a horny little slut to boot—the perfect set-up for whatever twisted games they had in store for her!
Regardless of what horrors lay ahead, Annabel’s immediate worry was with the here and now—down on all fours with her bare ass stuck up in the air, showing off her privates to a group of laughing strangers who were apparently quite willing to go along with the pretense that she was doing it all of her own volition! Eyes closed and her cheeks aflame, Annabel tried to ready herself for the inevitable retribution to come.
“I asked you a question, you little harlot!” Veronica said. “Why are you exposing yourself in public? These good people are trying to get on with their work. Do you honestly think they are interested in your smelly little beaver?”
With the odds stacked impossibly against her, Annabel knew that there could be no correct response to Veronica’s belittling question. If she answered in the affirmative, she would just be confirming the lie that was being woven around her, and despite everything, Annabel simply could not bring herself to do that. The alternative was to contradict Veronica’s lowly opinion of her, and that would surely bring severe consequences.
Even so, Annabel replied, “N-No, Miss Veronica. There was something wrong with my—”
“Your what? Your panties? Are you suggesting Mr. Van Hook has provided you with a substandard wardrobe?"
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