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Dangerous Liaisons in the Kitchen, Luca Ducceschi's menu


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EAN 9788866654056
CATEGORIA Letteratura
Narrativa erotica
Narrativa Rosa
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Cucina e nutrizione
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6 courses, 6 recipes developed through 6 short stories. (from: FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS, First Course) I found out about my brother on TV while I was cooking. I was busy shelling prawn tails when I heard his name on the news. It took me a few seconds for it to sink in. Giorgio P. was arrested during the night on suspicion of being a serial murderer. It seemed surreal. Utterly absurd. For various reasons, Giorgio and I weren’t speaking to each other. We hadn't communicated for years. Our parents had died, so we had no reason to see each other. But this was crazy. I carried on with what I was doing in a dream, catatonic. Various thoughts were running around in my mind. I was squeezing the tangerines when I received the first phone call. Gianluca was a young local news reporter. And the first to have found me. I decided to give a short interview, but only to him. Besides, I didn't have much to say. Later, sitting at the table eating the linguine with prawns and tangerines I had prepared somewhat absently, my friend Elena persuaded me to keep to myself as much as possible. Avoid the paparazzi, she suggested. I followed her advice. The reporter was scheduled to arrive at about four pm. Elena asked me if I wanted her to be present. I told her no. I was going to get rid of him as soon as possible, and then I would go to bed. "I'm sorry for the mess" I said when he entered. Gianluca was about twenty-five. Tall and fit. Jeans and cord jacket. A wayward lock of hair on his forehead. A nice guy. "I haven't had time to wash the dishes." "Don’t worry." He smiled. "Did you have guests for lunch?" "Just a friend." He glanced at the sink and at the marble worktop. "Linguine with prawns and tangerines" he said. "The secret is the saffron. You used some, didn’t you?"
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