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Waiting for August's New Moon. Ediz. italiana e inglese

€ 12,00
EAN 9788894469011
CATEGORIA Fantascienza


'Waiting for August's New Moon' is a science fiction thriller set in a hypothetical future in which robots live among humans. The novel tackles the ethical issues around artificial intelligence and the difficult relationship between man and intelligent machine, set against the backdrop of a dramatic tale with a resounding and unexpected finale. The scenario depicted is entirely plausible and makes for a compelling story that grapples with the fascinating opportunities offered by science and the enormous risks that come along with it, often overshadowed by the undue trust placed in progress. At the same time, Waiting for August's New Moon is also a tale of awareness and inner liberation centred on an intelligent and idealistic but highly naive young woman. The terrifying experience that she undergoes brings about a profound psychological transformation, turning her certainties into doubts and her fears into courage. The author's distinctive style is once again on display in this, his second work. The deft and spare prose goes straight to the heart of the issues at hand.
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